by Jamie Gil Anderson

Traffic is the most important aspect that every online business must have. It doesn't matter whether you are going to create and sell your own products or market to others, you still need traffic. Your success,sales and money that will be made depends highly on quality traffic volume.
While you can promote website in any way, getting targeted buyer traffic is not that simple. Especially when you need to compete with lots of other websites in search engines. These are a few tips to get more traffic:

The number one way would be to run affiliate programs and attract as many joint venture partners as you can. This one is hot. By having lots of affiliates, you can have thousands of websites, blogs and list subscribers promoting your product.

For digital products like eBooks or software, it would be smart to use Clickbank as payment processor. Clickbank, Plimus and Regnow are popular affiliate networks and payment processor for digital products. Hence, you can expect lots of traffic from affiliates to your website. For details about getting a massive affiliates, check out ( Clickbank Stealth by Ray Johnson.

Search engine is the number one source of targeted traffic. Therefore, you'll also need to optimize websites for good search engine placement. One way to do that is by adding quality and unique content inside your website. Your website will be ranked higher since Google and internet users love quality content.

You'll also need to build more links to your website. Google won't rank one website on content alone. Factors like quality backlinks is counted as well.

If you want to skip the search engine optimization part, there's always other websites who can provide decent traffic. For example free forums or Twitter. You can get more traffic that will make the money by participating in free forums. Especially when some forums have classified section which allow you to post ads about your products or affiliate program.

Using pay-per-click advertising is a great source of traffic. Of course, you need to pay for each click, however it is relatively cheap compared to offline advertising. There are lots of programs like Google Adwords and Yahoo Search Marketing that can provide you with cheap PPC traffic.

Remember not to bid on just any keyword blindly. You need to generate list of targeted keywords. If you don't want to lose lots of money, try paying for product name keywords for start.

While your landing page is another factor that will improve your PPC conversion. Your landing page and keywords must match with each other. Try to think like your visitors. Keep in mind that different keywords means different intention.

Getting more affiliates means more sales and money. For details, read ( Clickbank Stealth blueprint.