by Ahmed Elnaggar

However you are building your website to provide services or to sell products you must have visitors to generate profits. You must know that without traffic to your site you will lose your online business. There are many methods to generate traffic but you must choose among them wisely, because you do not just need traffic you need targeted traffic. It is better to have 10 visitors visiting your site and 50% will purchase your product or service than 1000 visitor that only 1% of them will purchase your product or service.

To generate traffic to your site you have to choose between two main methods. The first one is the paid method and the second one is the free method. You should know that you will provide two things in both methods time and money. In the paid method you will provide more money but you will save time while in the free method you will provide more time but you will save money. The paid methods contain email marketing, PPC advertising and banner ads while the free methods contain search engines free traffic, forum recommendations and blog links.

You will pay a lot of money if you choose one technique in the paid category but it will gives you fast results. The best sources for paid traffics are search engines advertising programs, e-mail marketing and banner advertising. You must test each one of them separately with different landing pages to know which one of them will work on your site, but you should start with pay per click advertising.

Most webmasters prefer the PPC advertising because it gives them the highest freedom on choosing their customers. You can choose your customer country and language. You can also specify which phrases you want your ad to show when someone searches for it, and which phrases that your ad should not appear on it. The only problem you may face that if you have poor website, because most PPC advertising programs prefer sites with high quality content.

You will provide a lot of time and efforts if you choose one technique in the free category but you will save huge amount of money. The free category main techniques are free search engine traffic, traffic from blogs that related to your niche, traffic from forums that provide topics related to your niche and traffic from articles that you submitted in major article directories.

Search engines free traffic is the dream of every webmaster because once you started to rank you will get huge amount of free traffic but you must know the basic of SEO to rank in search engines. You may hire SEO expert or ask for advice from search engine companies but it will cost you a lot of money. You may search for free search engine optimization tips online and you will find a lot, but you should be careful of the unbiased information.

Finally, you have to drive traffic to your site to earn money and there are two main methods to generate traffic paid method and free method. Choose your method carefully and you should know every method pros and cons.

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