by Robert Hillman

There always seems to be a catch when so many websites offer to help us get 'free traffic'. When we look at the bottom line, the buck always seem to stop with us. Well, as far as I'm concerned free should be free! Doesn't anyone speak English anymore?

I always laugh when I see a lot of sites offering us 'free' traffic, I feel like sending them a dictionary with the word 'FREE' underlined. The good news is that I have in the real meaning of the word 'Free', found a method that does work. (and , No, you won't have to send me a dictionary!)To put it more in perspective,we will have to spend something to get free traffic, but not money.

We have to spend some of our time to get it, but that is a lot better than giving away our money to strangers who we never see.What do we have to do then to get free traffic? In a word its' Articles'. You have heard the stories about how article marketing will help you get free traffic right? Well, its not an urban myth, it is correct.

Article marketing basically works around the clock, well, its daylight somewhere in the world isn't it? The fact are that out of one hundred readers that read an article,about ten per cent of them will click back to your website. Further to that , about two percent of them will buy something on your site.

You can take my word for it, writing an article is easy. True, all it takes is a few words to get your message across, about 350-400 or so and the job is done. If you go by the industry stats,then the figures I have mentioned above are pretty close.Believe it or not, there are thousands of people in cyberspace who would like your opinion on your related topic or hobby. You have a lot to offer, believe me, no one has ever had your particular experience in life. So share yourself around, make some new friends by sharing your advice, we could all use some new ideas.

Get some free traffic at the same time,its fun!Robbie Hillman is a Free Traffic expert, to find out more about ( Free Traffic please visit