AVG Global Association

My friend suggested that website for me to start gaining more Traffic and have more visitors To my Blog/Website, AVG Global Association or Adview Global is an Internet Advertising Company, you can join as a free member or join VIP program.

you can benefit from Adview Global in two ways:

1. Advertise their website for sales, service, and information. Each member may have up to five websites for advertising

2.Get paid from our VIP program to view the websites of our collective group of members. There is no purchase required from these sites. Each day, to be paid, each member must view 24 websites that are on automatic rotation on the Ad View Global Website. You may involve other people to join as members, but this is not a requirement. Yet should you sell advertising to another business owner there is a commission paid on this sale.

i joined as a free member since since 43 days ago

i view sites everyday coz the more u view the more credits u earn then you allocate those credits to make others view your site .
and it is really good i had 493 visitors till now to my Amazing Forex Trading Systems Blog it is shown on my member area how many times it was viewed global , you got nothing to loose they have free mebers all you need to do is view other websites for few minutes a day tehn your website will be viewed as well

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